OUR lyrics, our fight



Co-FOUNDER / Parslow Tyas Law LLP

We lost my Aunt, Christine Salmon, to mullerian cancer, on the afternoon of November 18, 2017. My Aunt endured a heroic seventeen month battle, and was a pillar of strength every step of the way. We watched my Aunt fight ferociously, while simultaneously observing the cruel and unrelenting results of this disease. My Aunt fought with dignity and grace, notwithstanding cancer’s propensity for robbing people of their dignity.

Her loss is immeasurable and my Aunt will be forever missed.
In her memory, we choose to fight.

Fight with us.



Co-FOUNDER / Parslow Tyas Law LLP

We lost my dad, Harold Frizell, to esophageal cancer, on the evening of December 24, 2017. My dad endured a heroic two year battle, in which he surpassed all odds by a year. During that additional year, I realized just how strong the heart is, notwithstanding the physical impact of cancer on the body. My dad fought for every day, without complaint and with a heart filled with grit, to enjoy more time with his family and friends, and to continue to relish in his passion for music.

His loss is without end, but his spirit lives on in his songs.
In his memory, we choose to fight.

Fight with us.  



In October 2007, Kerri Parslow’s cousin, Kim Rice, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Kim was 31 years old at the time. Panicked, and unsure what to do, Kerri decided to run a charity event in Kingston, Ontario (hometown to both), to raise money for Kim, Breast Cancer Action Kingston, and to increase awareness.    

Several friends and family members volunteered to help with the event, coined “Breast Bash”, and the wheels were set in motion.  

Live music is like a religion to many Kingstonians, so it was decided early on that musical talent would feature central at this event. Local musicians Emily Fennell (“Miss Emily”), Justin Bird and Sarah Harmer, volunteered to perform. The event also had a silent auction, featuring local and national artistry, and generous donations from local businesses and restaurants.  

Breast Bash was held on February 16, 2008, at the Ale House & Canteen. It was a tremendous success, and we are ecstatic to report that Kim is ten plus years cancer free today!


Since that time, Kerri has wanted to do a similar event, but this past year provided the necessary motivation for her, and her legal partner, Julie Tyas.

In June 2016, Kerri’s Aunt, Christine Salmon, was diagnosed with terminal cancer (which doctors now believe was ovarian cancer). In February 2016, Julie’s father, Harold Frizell, was also diagnosed with terminal esophageal cancer. Both heroically fought for their lives.  

Tragically, Christine succumbed to the disease on November 18, 2017, seventeen months after her diagnosis. Harold fought for two years, and lost his battle on December 24, 2017.  

For Kerri and Julie, the gloves came off…